January 17, 2009

Circuit City gone!

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Title of some sort?Circuit City would like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 60 years. Unfortunately, we announced on January 16, 2009, that we are going out of business.

Please check back later for updates about the status of our website. In the meantime, we hope the information below will help answer most of your questions.

What’s going on at Circuit City?

  • Due to challenges to our business and the continued bleak economic environment, Circuit City is going out of business and the company’s assets will be liquidated to pay off creditors.
  • The process was extremely difficult and we were left with no other choice but to liquidate.  Circuit City had a proud heritage of serving the public for 60 years and we deeply regret the impact this decision will have on our associates, our customers and the communities where we have operated stores and other facilities.
  • We had hoped to be able to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as a stronger, more competitive company and we made significant progress during the reorganization to improve our business.  Unfortunately, the economic climate is so poor that we have no choice other than liquidation.
  • Liquidators will start arriving in our 567 stores across the U.S. over the weekend, and closing sales will start as early as Saturday, January 17.  Closing sales will run as long as it takes to sell existing inventory, but are expected to wrap up by the end of March.  When the liquidation sales are completed, the stores will be closed.
  • At the company’s corporate offices in Richmond, Virginia, a small staff will remain on duty during the completion of the liquidation process; most associates will be relieved of their duties immediately.
  • Consistent with federal labor laws, Circuit City associates are receiving 60-days notice of the termination of their employment.  Those who stay on to help with the liquidation, of course, will receive pay and benefits. Those who are dismissed earlier will be receiving pay and benefits for the 60-day period beginning January 16, 2009.
  • Associates at our company headquarters will be asked to come back on Monday, January 19, to find out more about their status and to retrieve their personal belongings.   

Are you also shutting down your operations in Canada?

  • No, our Canadian operations will continue.  They are not affected by the liquidation of Circuit City’s U.S. operations.  The Canadian operations employ approximately 3,000 associates.

How many people are losing their jobs as a result of this action?

  • Circuit City employs approximately 34,000 associates in the U.S.

Can you provide some background on Circuit City?

  • Founded in 1949 as the Wards Company, Circuit City is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.  At the time of the liquidation announcement (January 16, 2009), the company operated 567 stores in 153 media markets in the U.S. and approximately 765 retail stores and dealer outlets in Canada.
  • For a timeline history of the company, go to http://investor.circuitcity.com, and click on Company Information.

Will Circuit City stores continue to accept Circuit City gift cards?

  • Yes, customers holding Circuit City gift cards may redeem them at full value at our stores during the liquidation sales.  Once the stores are closed and the company is out of business, the gift cards will have no value.

Are Circuit City’s extended warranties affected by the liquidation?

  • No.  Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans® (extended warranties) have been backed by third-party independent companies for more than 15 years and as a result, are not impacted by Circuit City’s closing.
  • Currently, all Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans are fully backed by the Assurant Solutions companies.  Assurant Solutions operates as Federal Warranty Service Corporation, Sureway, Inc., and United Service Protection, Inc.  Assurant Solutions is part of Assurant, Inc. (NYSE: AIZ), and its extended service contacts are backed by an Assurant insurance subsidiary rated A “Excellent” by A.M. Best Co.

When will the liquidation sales begin?

  • Liquidation sales begin as early as Saturday, January 17, 2009, and will last as long as it takes to sell through the merchandise at each of the stores.  We expect the sales to wrap up by the end of March 2009.

How much will merchandise be marked down, and can customers negotiate prices for the merchandise?

  • There will be clearance pricing, but specific discounts are not being announced.  All sale prices are at the discretion of the liquidator.  Prices are non-negotiable and all adjustments must be approved by the liquidator’s on-site managers.

What payment types will be accepted at the liquidation stores?

  • Stores in liquidation will accept cash, Circuit City gift cards and most credit cards.  Personal checks will not be accepted.  All sales are final.

Will Circuit City’s price matching policy or the One Price PromiseSM apply during the liquidation sale?

  • Because the liquidation company is in charge of the sales at the closing stores, their policies are in force.  So, One Price Promise does not apply during liquidation events, nor does the company’s Unbeatable Price Guarantee.  All sales are final.   

What about returns and refunds?

  • Customers can return products they purchased prior to January 16 for a 14-day period for exchange or refunds.  All other terms of return policy are in force.
  • When closing sales begin on or around January 17, 2009, all sales will be final.

Will delivery service be available for products purchased from liquidation stores?

  • No. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide delivery services for products purchased from liquidation stores.

Will Circuit City offer home theater installations during the closing sale?  

  • Yes, we will continue to offer home theater installations during our closing sales.

Will Circuit City offer PC services and repairs at liquidation stores during the closing sale?  

  • Services already underway at the liquidation stores will be completed promptly, but no additional jobs will be accepted at these stores.

Will car electronics installations be available at liquidation stores during the closing sale? 

  • No new car installations will be offered. 

Will Circuit City’s extended warranties still be available on products purchased from liquidation stores?

  • Yes, we’re making no changes to our Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans®. Coverage is national and purchases will still be protected just as they always were. 
  • Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans® have been backed by third-party independent companies for more than 15 years and as a result, are not impacted by Circuit City’s bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • Currently, all Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans are fully backed by the Assurant Solutions companies.  Assurant Solutions operates as Federal Warranty Service Corporation, Sureway, Inc., and United Service Protection, Inc.  Assurant Solutions is part of Assurant, Inc. (NYSE: AIZ), and its extended service contacts are backed by an Assurant insurance subsidiary rated A “Excellent” by A.M. Best Co.

What if a customer purchased products at one of the closing stores and the product needs service?

  • For products covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, customers should call the manufacturer.
  • For products covered under Circuit City Advantage®, guests can call the toll-free number that is printed on the bottom of the product receipt.

» Read the press release about Circuit City’s liquidation

» Learn more at our investor relations website


March 2, 2008

How to apply Office Live Small Business worldwide

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If you live outside of US, Japan, UK, France, German and Japan, you still can use Office Live Small Business. Here is how,

First apply an email on live.com or hotmail.com if you don’t have one.

Then goto http://officelive.com

Click “Sign Up Free” for Office Live Small Business (not workspaces).

You will see

“If your e-mail address is already associated with a Windows Live ID, you can sign in with it.

click “Sign In”

Sign in with your live.com/hotmail.com. You will ask “Enter your information”, fill it and complete your sign up.

If anything wrong, start over again.

You will get a Office Live Small Business account. BUT the domain is something like yourname.web.officelive.com

If you want your own domain, you can purchase a new one if you have US credit card. Otherwise, apply a .com/net/org/info domain from godaddy.com or any domain name provider. Then you can re delegation the domain to Office Live.

That is it.

Only thing is you may not get language and other supports.

September 1, 2007

Yahoo News and some mail servers are down

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Can’t access yahoo news and my yahoo email.

 My email emails reported errors in those days for Yahoo email servers. Today finally those servers are down.

June 27, 2007

Window Live Folders beta launched

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You can get at https://folders.live.com

One more good thing it uses HTTPS, which give you more security.

Windows Live Folders

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Windows Live Folders will be a wonderful and greate service.  It has private, share and public three folder types.


  • Use personal folders to back up important files that are only for you.
  • Get to your files from any computer with Internet access by signing in with your Windows Live ID.


  • Shared folders make it easy to collaborate with coworkers or classmates.
  • You decide how much control each person has over each shared folder. Some can just read what’s there: others can add and delete files.
  • Everyone who is sharing uses their own Windows Live ID.


  • With public folders, anyone on the Internet can view your files, but they can’t change them.
  • Want to show your public files to others? Just send them a link! Each folder and file has its own web address.

more details you can check liveside.net

The greatest thing for our Office Live users is we can make it as a workspace for sure. just be patient….

June 6, 2007

OfficeLive.net gone to Microsoft

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OfficeLive.net home page

Today, checked the site http://officelive.net. The site is gone. I checked DNS, it is under Microsoft. So I believe, MS paid huge $$$$$$$$$$.

Here was the law suit….

The “Office Live” brand might be a little more prevalent than Microsoft first anticipated

Office Live LLC., an online media company that gives free professional advice and runs a number of websites, including Officelive.net, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft targeting its “Office Live” brand. The lawsuit aims to seek an injunction disallowing Microsoft from using the “Office Live” name.

Office Live LLC has had a federal registration on the “Office Live” trademark since 2002, well before the launch of Microsoft’s Office Live services, which only made their debut late last November. Office Live LLC also has a large number of services and websites centered on the Office Live brand, such as Lawofficelive.com, Autofficelive.com, and Realtorsofficelive.com.

Following the release of Microsoft’s Office Live services, Office Live LLC filed a lawsuit against Microsoft on December 29, 2006 in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. However, they agreed with Microsoft to refrain from serving the lawsuit in an effort for both companies to discuss the dispute.

When the two companies met on February 12, talks failed and neither of the companies were able to reach an agreement.

In a statement, Lenny Targon, Chief Executive of Office Live stated, “”It is shocking that Microsoft would have so little regard for another company’s intellectual property rights that it would select a name belonging to another company. Online software may be the next big thing, but Microsoft has no right to use our trademark without permission.” Microsoft believes the word “Live” used in conjunction with other terms is commonplace. They view the word more of as a descriptor and don’t believe Office Live LLC has a trademark.

In an e-mail to CBC News, Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans stated, “Microsoft is using common words in a common way and pairs them with its very famous Microsoft mark. We don’t think Office Live LLC has a trademark, or that we are infringing any rights asserted by Office Live LLC.”

Microsoft plans to vigorously defend its position in court. In addition, they will also seek to invalidate Office Live LLC’s trademark to the phrase Office Live.

May 25, 2007

Can you drive from UK to USA?

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Yes. You can drive from United Kingdom to United States. That is Google Map told you.  Here is the link


Enjoy your trip…..

 Drive from UK to USA.

April 1, 2007

Google’s April Fool – GFlush and TiSP

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It must be a joke, never heard sewer system to transfer signal. Someday may be.  http://www.google.com/tisp/press.html

I believe google is finding a way to provide free internet. But not today.

March 21, 2007

Beware the length of Password for Windows Live ID, Hotmail and MSN.

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Today, when I changed my password for my account on Hotmail ( Windows Live ID), I found it has max length limit on it. The max length is 16. It is fine. But the problem is, on change password page, it only shows min number, you can type in password longer than 16, only first 16 characters are saved.

So just beware, only first 16 characters are useful, even you set 16+ long.

March 17, 2007

Live Search on office live subscriptions

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Office Live add site owner search, you can check steps at http://officeliveblog.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!7A0018FE70A946FB!600.entry

But thing is,  it uses IFrame to embed the code!

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