November 30, 2006

Office Live isn’t SEO friendly.

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http://olxt.com site finally lists on google and crawled. But I found out, Office Live isn’t SEO friendly, because Office Live uses too much <script>s and other things. Those sites want list/listed on search engine have to find another way to deal it, esp for those Basics version sites.

I will try to find a way to improve search result.


November 29, 2006

Office Live Community board down.

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This might be the results of attack.

The results attacked

Office Live Community board were under attacked!????????

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It is scared!!!!!     —> Office Live Community Board were under attacked.       

Checked the result!–>is this the real reason?

They should and can learn some skills from China, I am sure.

November 27, 2006

Help me guess why Microsoft close officelivecommunity board!

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Since last night OL community board closed. I can’t get it. no word say why? Help me guess why? Give your comments.

Office live community closed

November 26, 2006

Site links added

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Installed phpLinks apps for collecting Office Live website.  Easy to use. It has click stats and reviews, auto verify website avoid dead link.

November 24, 2006

Office Live for IE user only! Who cares other users.

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Click on img to view.

IE only

Office Live error

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Today is black, another one from Office Live. I am administrator!

OL error

Google mail site error

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Today when I tried to login in my email hosted on gmail. Got a site error. might be caused by blackfriday.    

Google hosted mail error

November 23, 2006

Hello world!

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Welcome !. This is my first post.

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