December 21, 2006

Email forward for Windows Live Mail

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Windows Live Custom Domains offers free email services for your domain, this is great. But don’t have pop3 and forward services, same for Office Live Basics user. We do some research and implement a solution, current on alpha version. Beta version will be very soon and publish. Hopefully we can run it in one month. You can send request to us on http://forwardlive.com .   


December 17, 2006

How a angry office live users be treaded?

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Because lots of bugs and problems on Office Live. So many users are angry about it. Here are some major big issues,

1. when sign up, don’t tell user their information will be published over domain’s whois.
2. Current register procedures have problem, it may not be done in one transcation. So caused user can login, but lost domain.
3. Lots of cookies for Windows Live ID, some places not work campitable. So caused user can’t login, have to close IE or even worse, must clean cookies.
4. Lots of bugs, those bugs are so easy to be found, I don’t believe MSFT out of beta with those bugs.
5. Not stable, because use AJAX, so many strange things happend. MSFT really need a good AJAX platform.

Even bad thing, when you angry to complain those things, see what you got……..( see the first message)

beware a angry “spam” OL spam hidden

the spam is really angry the real post

December 10, 2006

Seeking editor for officelivefaq.com

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It is great thing if collect FAQ for officelive. But I am so busy, so want seeking a volunteer as admin/editor for the site officelivefaq.com

If anybody want to do it, contact me at admin@olxt.com

December 4, 2006

My post on officelivecommunity.com deleted again

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Just keep those screenshots as a proof here.

screen p1 screen p2 screen p3 screen p4 screen p5

December 3, 2006

Office Live trademark

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Because some guy want let MSFT lawyer roll over me, ( I should buy lots of life insurance), so checked trademark database. Supprised me, it belongs to http://officelive.net. I don’t know who will be rolled.

December 1, 2006

here is the OLXT cache from google

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Here is the cache from google. You can see some Google error. That is what I mean Office Live is not SEO friendly.

Google OLXT site cache with ERROR

Found a way to verify Office Live Basics on google

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Finally found a way to do it, but it is bug on office live, so I can’t post here. Also for non-IT user, it is hard to use it. So good thing, we found a way. Bad thing hard to use.

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