January 26, 2007

Might filtered email by Windows Live Mail

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It is strange thing. I never get emails from some email provider to my email address of olxt.com althout tried many times. Here is just the guess, MSFT may filter out them. one is LinkShare.com and another one is Google analytics. If you have other email provider can’t reach Windows Live Mail, post here. Also if you want join those services, please use other email address instead of Windows Live Mail.


January 25, 2007

Allow multiple email addresses on ForwardLive.com

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We just added and finished test on multiple email addresses function. Now you can forward as many as you want email addresses to  one destionation. Cheers.

January 22, 2007

Can you imagine how MSFT solve technique problem?

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I am  so surporised that MSFT uses officelivesignuptemporarypassports.com to solve Office Live registe problem.

When you sign up a new office live account, a tempory-sequence-id@officelivesignuptemporarypassports.com will be created for you. I am in IT 10+ years, have never seen this kind of “solution”.  If MSFT can’t solve the simple problem with  traditional transaction problem, how could you expect to solve other issues when you use MSFT products/technologies?!

If MSFT does so poor jobs, you can see that there must be lots of “wrong/mass” things inside MSFT. Not far long, MSFT will be out of business. Now I can understant so many people left there.

Here is screenshot of my temp live id.

office live temp id

January 13, 2007

Forward Live Beta version released.

We released first Beta version for ForwardLive.com, now you can start to test on it.  Right now limit forward one email address. After the system becomes more stable, multiple addresses will be allowed.   

January 5, 2007

ForwardLive.com status

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We are busy working on it, current testing on beta version, will be released very soon. So you will have email forwarding service soon for your email. The service will forward most email provider, like Live mail, yahoo, gmail and etc.

Office Live Community real “rules”

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When you are on the black list of Office Live Community, like me, you may have some “strange” experiences. Those are real “rules” to treat you. I might just found out.

  1. When you post, if you have any link in the message, you will be marked as “spam” message. See the screen shot attached. 
  2. Your post time will not be showed on the subject list, so the message will be not go to top.
  3. If you login as yourself, you will not see your message as “spam” message.

Simple and easy rules.

You are spam

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