June 6, 2007

OfficeLive.net gone to Microsoft

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OfficeLive.net home page

Today, checked the site http://officelive.net. The site is gone. I checked DNS, it is under Microsoft. So I believe, MS paid huge $$$$$$$$$$.

Here was the law suit….

The “Office Live” brand might be a little more prevalent than Microsoft first anticipated

Office Live LLC., an online media company that gives free professional advice and runs a number of websites, including Officelive.net, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft targeting its “Office Live” brand. The lawsuit aims to seek an injunction disallowing Microsoft from using the “Office Live” name.

Office Live LLC has had a federal registration on the “Office Live” trademark since 2002, well before the launch of Microsoft’s Office Live services, which only made their debut late last November. Office Live LLC also has a large number of services and websites centered on the Office Live brand, such as Lawofficelive.com, Autofficelive.com, and Realtorsofficelive.com.

Following the release of Microsoft’s Office Live services, Office Live LLC filed a lawsuit against Microsoft on December 29, 2006 in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. However, they agreed with Microsoft to refrain from serving the lawsuit in an effort for both companies to discuss the dispute.

When the two companies met on February 12, talks failed and neither of the companies were able to reach an agreement.

In a statement, Lenny Targon, Chief Executive of Office Live stated, “”It is shocking that Microsoft would have so little regard for another company’s intellectual property rights that it would select a name belonging to another company. Online software may be the next big thing, but Microsoft has no right to use our trademark without permission.” Microsoft believes the word “Live” used in conjunction with other terms is commonplace. They view the word more of as a descriptor and don’t believe Office Live LLC has a trademark.

In an e-mail to CBC News, Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans stated, “Microsoft is using common words in a common way and pairs them with its very famous Microsoft mark. We don’t think Office Live LLC has a trademark, or that we are infringing any rights asserted by Office Live LLC.”

Microsoft plans to vigorously defend its position in court. In addition, they will also seek to invalidate Office Live LLC’s trademark to the phrase Office Live.


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