March 21, 2007

Beware the length of Password for Windows Live ID, Hotmail and MSN.

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Today, when I changed my password for my account on Hotmail ( Windows Live ID), I found it has max length limit on it. The max length is 16. It is fine. But the problem is, on change password page, it only shows min number, you can type in password longer than 16, only first 16 characters are saved.

So just beware, only first 16 characters are useful, even you set 16+ long.


March 1, 2007

Some tips for using ForwardLive.com

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Since we created ForwardLive.com, near thousand users to take test and trial. We are deeply appreciated to our users.  Of course we have  some issue and lots of thing need to be improved. Here are few things may help users  to use ForwardLive service

1. Gmail is best free email system we believe. It solves lots of issue about emails. Actually, you can use Gmaill to do lots things instead to use ForwardLive.  First, Gmail has forward function, so if you want forward email fromGmail,  you don’t need use ForwardLive service.

2. For mobile user, you can use Gmail mobile app to retrieve emails, so forward all your email to Gmail is a easy solution for mobile users.

3. You can add other email address as reply address by add the email on Gmail

If you want know how to use those service, you can contact us. Also we will put more details about those on ForwardLive.com.

February 15, 2007

Windows Live Mail server down.

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Tried to access my account, got server buy error. Should something happened.

hotmail down

February 11, 2007

Custom Form for Office Live Basics solved

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Tooks few days, finally done the deal. It is great solution, still use Office Live Basics email function. Very easy to use.  Now you can define your own form to take survey, order by form etc. Enjoy!

Here is the link http://olxt.com/customform.aspx 

February 5, 2007

ForwardLive.com New release

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Finally ForwardLive rolled out new release.

New release Offer 1 week free trial for new account. After trial will charge very low service fee. $2 to $3 based on subscription duration.

ForwardLive isn’t pure “Program Robot”. ForwardLive will manually verify every new email address to avoid fraud and spam, so keep ForwardLive clean and safe. So it may take longer time, if you setup new email address.

Take a look and try at http://forwardlive.com

January 25, 2007

Allow multiple email addresses on ForwardLive.com

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We just added and finished test on multiple email addresses function. Now you can forward as many as you want email addresses to  one destionation. Cheers.

January 13, 2007

Forward Live Beta version released.

We released first Beta version for ForwardLive.com, now you can start to test on it.  Right now limit forward one email address. After the system becomes more stable, multiple addresses will be allowed.   

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